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:Roads to Adventure, Large SLT roads designs for 3D Printing

We will be launching a new Kickstarter April 14, 2020 . Tons of future assets for both Kickstarter and Patreon will develop from this set. Like our last kickstarter, it will be a $10, short duration affair. On to the hi-lights

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Core Assets

  • 4 distinct Road styles (swamp, badland , low land, high land)
  • OpenLock Wagon scale roads measuring around 8 inches long and 4-5 inches wide. Road area varies from 2-2.5 inches. Narrow roads will also be made featuring 8 inch lengths and 2-2.5 inch widths
  • 48 Core Road Parts
  • 30 Pieces of Scatter Terrain

Stretchgoals will Unlock

  • 2 More Distinct Road styles
  • 2 more narrow roads
  • 70+ more road parts


3 caravan related mystery add-ons. These assets will be gradually rolled out during the campaign to keep people checking in!

Social Goals

I will be releasing sets of FREE DUNGEON STICKS as certain social goals are reached in the campaign. These will benefit both backers and non-backers! Special thanks to Evan Corothers for coming up with Dungeon Sticks and allowing us to use his design for promotional assets!


  • $10 for roads, scatter terrain, and stretchgoals
  • $18 for everything above and ALL the Add-Ons
  • $45 50 year Commercial print licence for kickstarter related assets including stretchgoals, core roads, scatter terrain, 2 related patreon buildings, add-ons, and any promotional items.

Rewards Available Last 3 Days of Campaign

  • $240 First time buyers. Full Kickstarter Product line (5 kickstarters)
  • $480 First time buyers, Full 50 year Commercial License (5 Kickstarters)
Bad Lands Road
High Land Stone Road (WIP)
Low Land Road
Swamp Road (WIP). Will feature a shorter option as well.
Coming in March! to our Patreon!

3 Large Houses, including a new cave foundation! Comes out in 2 or 3 days!

Big House 1
Big House 1 Tear Down
Big Hous 2 & 3

The Tower Update!

We are close to print confirmation on the final release of the tower. I expect to send out final email links early next week as a final follow up to our full update release a couple weeks ago. There has only been one minor part patch. Back_B On the Pavilion Wall was released without the OpenLock connectors. It is really an amazing release and a nice step up for my quality control follow through, generally between 98-99%. 1 part in over 200+ this time…and a half error at that.

We will also provide a couple links for some user experience issues. We have a set of large parts that have been cut into extra pieces for people who like glue more than long prints. We will also release a set of caps and plugs with arrows to indicate top and forward.

Finally, I will offer codes for any commercial license backers to roll their Kickstarter pledge into full product line license.

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