Elf and Medieval Terrain for 3D Printing KickStarter Launched and Funded.

Elf and Medieval Terrain for 3D Printing

Our Elf Terrain for 3D Printing Kickstarter launched on April 30th and has funded after an hour, though our goal was not particularly high. We are well on our way to opening some stretch goals and I intend to fill those out with some more elf stuff.

Check out our OpenPeg Post

Check out our growing Diagrams Post

The main contents will include the Elf Outpost and Open Peg based stackable buildings that will be Openlock friendly. I should mention that stacking on openLOCK bases will require you to cut off the tabs on the top of your walls. But if you’re anything like me, you already have a bunch of tiles that pre-date the wall tabs and you have another stack of tiles with tabs that broke off on their own.

We finished filming for an OpenPeg video overview and an intro campaign film on Sunday. I think it went great, it’s in the editors hands now. Also here is a new imgur album with a ton of what I am calling “SlumScrapers.”  It’s what I imagine Landfall would be full of from the old D&D mystara setting. Anyways enjoy!

Elf Outpost & OpenPeg Building Kickstarter

Kickstarter Overview

  • The Elf OutPost
  • Openpeg Stacking system with about 130 Parts
  • About 75 OpenLOCK tiles, some of which will be used to make towers and a keep when I complete the second kickstarter phase, which includes the huge walls and towers that I have been previewing.
  • A new patch for “Stronghold on the Borderlands.” It will include the openpeg plates and several items like….. medium and small tower housing have been converted to support free, one piece printing. It will be posted for download on the 29th on that kickstarter pages Update area.
  • A free huntinglodge give away. During the duration of the kickstarter I release an elevated hunting lodge piece-by-piece, on thingiverse, pinshape, and youmagine. I know, it’s all very “tricksey.”

Here are the graphics layouts

terrain for 3d printing
Elf Outpost for 3D Printing
Terrain for 3D Printing
Slumscrapes for 3D Printing
Terrain for 3D Printing
OpenLOCK for 3D Printing

7 thoughts on “Elf and Medieval Terrain for 3D Printing KickStarter Launched and Funded.

    1. Thanks for the kind words James! I waited a bit longer so I can get a ton of diagrams done for the launch, it’s going to be a lot to take in, especially when most folks give about 60 seconds to hear the idea. Honestly, it’s even a lot for me and I designed the damn thing.

      1. It is a lot to take in but I am ready to jump in, been following your post about this and looking forward to be able to go in different directions with the gaming as far as the terrain goes 🙂

          1. No problem happy too 🙂 I am doing flyers for the local game shops here in Virginia as well and have setup to talk with 4 or 5 gaming clubs in the area to plug it some more lol

    1. Hey Brandon thanks for the support and for stopping in to say hi! I’m hoping the walls won’t be much of a wait. There’s giant plastic tub filled with finished designs. I just kind of totally made more stuff than what one person can really process in terms of QC and promotion.

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