Elf Outpost and Buildings for 3D Printing Ending Soon!

Elf Outpost and Buildings for 3D Printing

Our kickstarter ” Elf Outpost for 3D Printing” is ending soon, check out diagrams here. I also features an Elf Treehouse or Barracks and another building that can be used as an elf shrine, temple, or guest house. Check out our extended kickster rewards system!

Elf Building 28mm Miniature
Elf Building 28mm Miniature for 3D Printing
Open [] Peg build system Elf Barracks in Wood Elf Fort
Elf Fortress for Tabletop Gaming
Great terrain for warhammer fantasy setting
Close up of Wild Elf Barracks

We have 72 hours left on our kickstarter and are looking forward to wrapping things up and flushing out the elf buildings while we finish our stronghold for the next project! I’m posting some images here of our new elf buildings, get the word out if you can!


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