SOTB 2.0 3d Printing Diagrams for Tabletop Gaming

SOTB 2.0 3d Printing Diagrams for Tabletop Gaming

We have completely redesigned our initial Kickstarter from August 2017 “Stronghold on the Boarderlands.” (AKA “STOB”) It has been adjusted for OpenLOCK clips and features several of our Open [] Peg connectors where staching mechanisms are needed. The page will feature new STOB diagrams, showcasing the  product for your 3d Printing tabletop gaming needs. These changes will also allow you to interchange parts from this 3d printing product with our other products for tabletop gaming .

“Stronghold on the Boarderlands” is an effort to create a fort that would exist as a garrison or trading station in a borderland fantasy setting for 25-32mm Miniatures. The idea pursues the notion of a timber fort being constructed on part/on top of an older ruined stone fortification. I used this mixed aesthetic so that the fort might also be applicable as a tribal center for barbarian and goblinoid cultures.

The first version will be discontinued. We will officially relaunch this product with our “Savage Realms Citadel” Kickstarter on 1/10/19.

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