Castle Documentation for our Latest 3d Printed Terrain Masterpiece

Castle Documentation for our Latest 3d Printed Terrain Masterpiece

Welcome to the complete documentation of 3d printed castle for our 3d printable terrain Kickstarter.”Savage Realms Citadel,” The castle is constructed on OpenLOCK methodologies and the 3d printed parts will align to other OpenLOCK parts. Immediatly below you will find 7 and 10 page PDF’s of the castle and a one sheet as well.




3D Printed Terrain
3D Printable Castle One Sheet


NOTES on the 3D Printed Castle

There are several thoughts I want to share of my own or reiterate from the instructions, if you are considering taking this beast on.

  • This is the simplest and smallest example of a castle I could construct with design features developed so far.
  • Short range stretch goals will double these features.
  • The 3D Printed parts from this castle can be used to construct mega towers that WILL attach to the 3D printed outer walls.
  • The 11.5mm TRO floor parts are for floor areas that will be attached to vaulted walls of 3 stories or more. The 11.5mm parts are there to insure success for people who make less than perfect prints. Specifically if you are sloppy with paint, print in multiple materials, warp prints, or are otherwise impatient . Anyone who is clean, prints in one material, and never warps floor parts, should be able to use the 12mm TRO spacers for all of their floors regardless of wall height.
  • Attaching multi-story sections together requires the patience of a saint.
  • This set is designed to assemble without glue. However, you should be realistic about weather this will be disassembled. I think by the time the full effort is made, interest in disassembly may be small for many of you, aside from a partial tear down for additions. I mention this because gluing parts that will not be taken apart could further aid in the assembly. On the other hand, my castle is completely unglued and is held together with about 35% of the clip slots, so you can certainly go the other way as well.

Specific OpenLOCK Notes

  • I know there is other through clip designs and I have even used them on my castle. Having-said-that, try mine first, it is looser in the main body and will not be as difficult to push though. It will also give you some play. Zero tolerance is not your friend here.
  • Traditional OpenLOCK stacking nubs either get in the way or are completely inadequate for this structure and are removed. Stackable features for traditional OpenLOCK stacking will be handled with our Open_[]_Peg Stacking system which involves attaching a “Plug” plate on the bottom of the floor plates with a serrated peg. The structure uses “traditional” OpenLOCK floors with limited attachment points because “Triplex Design” floor pieces are structurally Inadequate for this application.

4 thoughts on “Castle Documentation for our Latest 3d Printed Terrain Masterpiece

  1. Really looking forward to this, Jeremy! It will be challenging to print, paint, and assemble,that’s for sure, but I’m game!

    1. Thanks Rich, I’m looking forward to getting it out and hopefully get enough support to continue developing new stuff for it.

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