24 Hour Ticker! Get our 3d Printed Castle & Fortress Walls on Kickstarter

3d Printed Castle & Fortress Walls on Kickstarter

Time is quickly winding down on our Kickstarter Campaign for Our 3D printed castle and fortress walls. We are finally starting to blow the lid off this thing and have opened 5 stretch goals in the last day! We still have a full 24 hours. Based on the web traffic metrics and campaign following,  I honestly don’t think we are anywhere near the roof. Get over there and check it out if you have somehow missed it!

3D Printed Castle and Fortress Walls
3D Printed Castle and Fortress Walls






















Free 3D Printed Mini Castle and Estate Walls

We have uploaded a bunch of building samples and figures onto thingiverse. The most notable is a mini-keep sample based on our Kickstarter. Check out the imgur album, there is a link in there to our profile on thingiverse. I also released a model of a WWII Female Pilot. It is a bit off topic for sure, the pose is pedestrian for fure but the work is super high poly for 72mm resin printing or larger. Photo is linked to file.

Free Mini Keep for 3D Printing – 3D Printable Terrain











Other Samples on thingiverse related to the campaign include Buttress Wall System     Gargoyles      Town Watch Building

New 3D Printed Castle Ruins and Buildings

I threw in a quick mock-up to explain our ruins stretchgoals 8 & 9. These will basically be a whole entire product within a product. Between this and the X/Q wall variants stretchgoals there aret 160+ Parts. This does not even counting the other 13 strechgoals opened up so far.

















Finally we also added a low reward level building that all backers will get. It is a tall Town Watch Building and features a couple holding cells inside. The roof is a new style feature that will be used on the gatehouse and integrated into our Open_[]_Peg Build System. By the way, the gatehouse will feature an oil pour and a ballista nest!

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