3D Printable Castle Ruins End the Citadel Campaign!

Campaign Ends with 3D Printable Castle Ruins

Click for IMGUR album of basic product

Our Citadel Kickstarter Campaign and late pledge campaign will be coming to an end at the end of the month with the release of our diagram for 3D Printable Castle Ruins . It has been a massive undertaking for us. Here are some of the high-lights from the project.

  • Over 650+ Parts
  • 99.5% support free printing
  • Castles with vaulted interior walls
  • Massive outer walls (7″) and Towers (15″+)
  • 60 pages of diagrams and massive one-sheets
  • Ability to make a complete or ruined castle or mixed
  • Free form design with nearly infinite Castle Building
  • 2 giant timber frame buildings
  • Huge functioning gatehouse with oil pour and ballista nest
  • No Glue Assembly
  • Dirt Road system
  • Parts and space to design your own wall statues
3D Printed Castle
Click to download ALL Citadel Diagrams

For those of you exploring this for the first time Please download our full folder of diagrams and explore the design. The trick with this design involves creating a ton of options that utilize only a few OpenLOCK base tiles and a through clip alteration. This is an awesome deal and now a well vetted design and complete product. Prices will going UP A LOT at the end of the month. If you get in on late pledging you will also be enrolled in our extended kickstarter rewards program which means you’ll receive parts for new designs connected to this product.

Click for IMGUR album of ruin and expansion parts.

3D Printable Castle Ruins 

Our 3d printable castle ruins are part of our citadel design but are also now available as a stand-alone product featuring 240+ parts. The stand-alone product will allow for multi story castle dungeon design with a ruined upper castle. 

3D Printable Castle Ruins
Click to Download Ruin PDF Diagram Sample

NOTE: I will NOT be providing new one sheets for this product. The file directory is simple, you can manage with the one-sheets from the CITADEL project if you need a basic idea of what is in specific folders. All folders already come with part images as well.

Buy Castle Ruins

Free Ruins 

Free 3D Printable Castle Ruins
Free Ruins Sample with some unique Meshmixes

I will be releasing a CITADEL Patch that includes several new parts for this specific diagram. Also I will be releasing a small ruined building. Everyone may want to grab it since I made a bunch of mesh mixed parts to limit its viability to make other designs. However this will create more options for people who have backed the project.

Free Sample Ruins

Description of Final Downloads

The final links to a primary download directory were emailed to you (if you were a backer) and contain several files. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEM ALL.

  1. Final_Citadel(All).ZIP = This giant zip is for people who wanted a complete product BEFORE  they downloaded anything.9G
  2. Final_Citadel(Stretchgoals).zip = This is a drag and drop zip for people who just want stretchgoals and patches. Overwrite files when prompted.5G
  3. Final_Citadel(FinalPAatch&Directory).zip = Here is a DL for people who just want the final patches and diagrams. Additionally, this download comes with a bunch of empty file folders so you can figure out where to put the stretchgoal folders. 0.6G
  4. Citadel(All)(8SmallerDL) This is the full download like in option 1 but it has been cut into 8 parts for people who need smaller pieces.
  5. XWall_Varient_Patch.zip  This patch is for people who downloaded in the FIRST 24 HOURS. I accidently loaded an empty folder. The Issue was fixed after 24 hours
  6. Patch.zip This patch Includes new parts and redesigns for the Ruined Castle Design that I have published. If nedded, this file will be used for future patches. Notification will be posted on our Facebook support page (OpenPeg) and in the comments area of Update 18 on the Citadel Kickstarter Campaign.
  7. Citadel(1stUL No Stretchgoals&Patches).zip This final file is the original citadel DL from distribution in February’19. I’m leaving this up just in case. 3G

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