3D Printable Tree Fort Added

48 HOURS Left on 2 Foot Tower Kickstarter

We have added a 3d printable woodland tree fort to our kickstarter for the final 48 hour push. Things have really started to take off, even well before the 48 hour mark. I think this last push is going to be a blast. Thanks everyone for believing in us here at Gamescape3d.

The Tree Fort is made up of four large parts and a hand full of tiny pieces. 1 layer will require a 12 inch bed, otherwise your going to need to pull out the glue bottle to put some trees together, so not a huge deal. Otherwise it all fits on 8 inch beds.

So just to recap for those of you who have not pledged. 2 Foot Tower+Stretchgoals+2 Bonus Buildings (including this) for $10. It just doesn’t get better than this,. Oh wait..it does, because there are also 2 free models on the kickstarter page! Including a kick ass siege tower that is worth $10 on its own. Go check it out!

Test printing is going well and I should have a prototype to show before the end!

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