The Tower : 10 0f 17 Stretchgoals Released

We have released a bunch of stretchgoals on Update#14 along with a PDF and video. Some parts remain unchanged so you will need both PDF’s. Things are moving along nicely and we’ll be creating the the airship docks, front platform, and alternate short tower base next.

If you downloaded the files before 12/22 you will need this window patch

Time has been tight with the holidays, so our video is a little chunkier than usual but it should get the job done along with the PDF’s.

NOTE: Tower LV3 and LV 4. The central tower levels 3 and four now have side houses. The main folder has one part models for 12 inch build plates. They are titled Tower_LV3_SG and Tower_LV4_SG. There are 2 subfolders that feature these parts split for 8 inch build plates, they work great and I think are better since the can be printed faster between 2 machines. You can glue them or not glue them, I think either way works fine.

NOTE: I did as much testing and proof-reading as I could. Models have been verified for print bed orientation and checked down to .1 resolution for proper build plate starts. Having-said-that, you should always double check the layer view before exporting gcode to check for layers. I’m getting as close as a person on there own can get to error free. When I do make mistakes it is usually on part orientation for printing, or I fixed something and accidentally re-loaded the error version.

We still have a couple alternate flat tops to include with this release.

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