Giant Tower STL Design Finished

Initial development is complete on this giant tower stl design. This thing got way bigger than I intended. Special thanks to the anonymous person who suggest the “air dock and platform” for that😊

2 sets of hotlinks are provided on update #17.  One is all-in-one if you have been waiting for completion, the other is just the last stretchgoal release. Previous release links are located on updates 16 and 12

If anyone wants to download through the website please use the instructions on update#12. These links have been uploaded there as well and are ready to go.

Imgur Images and final short video below.

I have to take a creative break from buildings despite having 3 massive structures well underway, so our next Kickstarter will be a series of openlock dirt roads. These will be scaled for rpg wagons and 8 inch plates (much larger than our first roads). It will cover 4 environments including farmlands, badlands, highlands or tundra, and swamp. I expect a good amount of scatter terrain along with some wagons, campgrounds, and monster burrows mixed in as add-ons or stretchgoals.

Some early WIP for the next project including swamp trail, swamp hi-way, badlands, and farmlands

With late pledging ending soon, this Kickstarter stands at 508 backers, When we launch our next project (which should have a quick turn-around) I expects to send you a few more parts. Including some ruined sections, a small alternate front (so you can just use the central tower or central tower with back), and some other small stuff.

Lastly we have started producing environmental bases for our houses over on Patreon. We have also started posting our back catalog of patreon releases here. These releases will be priced reduced on here for a couple months. Joining out Patreon will give you access to codes for even more savings on these items.

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