Roads to Adventure Launched :3D Printable Fantasy Roads

Today we have launched our kickstarter for 3d printable fantasy roads! It was funded before I could make a launch update! We are off to a great start. I am going to post the promo resources here and also mention our May preview for Patreon which is also HUGE!

3d printable roads
Full IMGUR Promo Album

This is a 3 week campaign with a $10 consumer level buy in. Stretchgoals will double the already generous assets being offered.

  • 4 distinct Road styles (swamp, bad land, low land, high land)
  • Wagon scale roads with OpenLOCK Connectors
  • Support Free Printing
  • Large Roads measure from 175 to 205mm in length. 100 to 135mm in width.
  • 35 Unique Road Sections
  • 30 Pieces of Scatter Terrain
  • Tiered Swamp Road can lay flat or be raised up
  • Stretchgoals will open new styles and double part totals

Patreon in May

This May on Patreon we will be releasing a huge pallisade fort and mid size stone keep. It is called “The last Chance Outpost” and compliments our fantasy roads kickstarter.

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