April 21st to May 5th Review.

Its been a wild three weeks here at GameScape3d and we’re going to provide a little summary overview here with links to all the best stuff for those who are new to our products and wonder in here.

One Week Left on “Roads to Adventure”

This is already our best kickstarter and we aren’t even to the final 72 hours yet. We’re closing on 600 backers and growing. This week we launched our Wagons add-on for $5 and also previewed our stretchgoals( which are all open). We also previewed an auxiliary stretchgoal list and I learned how to spell auxiliary, just a lot of wins this week.

Click on image to go see update#7 Check out the King’s Road and other open stretchgoals
We added a huge wagon add-on to our roads kickstarter, click on image to check out update#6

Last Chance Outpost on Patreon

Click on image to check it out

We took a chance and switched gears a bit on Patreon this month by offering one huge build instead of three smaller buildings and we had our highest patreon increase, a bigger month than even during our launch month. This month I expect we will expand roof, door, and window styles and offer some expansion on the fencing options for the palisade. Including a smaller fence/gate and more totem options.

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