GameScape3D Painting Competition

Welcome to the official announcement for Gamescape3d’s painting competition! This is an international ( and fun) competition with 2 size Categories and 6 prizes. Entries are restricted to models and/or dioramas featuring designs from GameScape3d. Only current designs are allowed, this includes anything designed between January 2020 and now, 

Winners will be chosen by an independent jury and announced on Lord Gosumba’s Twitch Channel on a TBD date.

Jurors will Include Artist Mike Disney, Christine van Patten , and “Master Crafter” Bill Haley 

All the Specific Rules

  • Deadline February 20th 2022 02-20-2022
  • Submit 6 images, at least 3k each, via download DL Link submitted to , Subject: Painting 2022
  • Indicate your category: Over 12” model/ diorama and/or under 12”-model/diorama 
  • Submissions must contain Gamescape3d models designed in 2020-2022. This includes the “Roads to Adventure” Kickstarter and all Patreon/Tribe releases.
  • Models may contain original scratch build features and techniques both around and/or attached to our models.
  • Submitted images may not include models from other 3D designers, including character models. Basically, this is a branding campaign, so no other brands.
  • Artists may submit separate non-duplicate works to both categories.


Category: Over 12” model/ diorama

1st Place: Gold Dragon of Chaos, unused

2nd place: Players Leather Cover Handbook, unused

3rd place: Shrink-wrap trio bundle

Category: Under 12” model/ diorama

1st: Miniatures in Blister

2nd Pathfinder Rune Lord Path, unused

3rd Elminster Hardback Trio, unused

History Of Prizes

Where did the prizes come from? I originally financed my interest in 3d printing and 3d modeling by starting an OOP (Out-of-Print) business in 2012 called Timeportalgames. I spent most of my life living 30 minutes south of Lake Geneva and an hour west of Chicago, so there were some amazing opportunities to run such a business. I ran an honest but ruthless enterprise for 3 1/2 years, then I switched to just modeling in 2016. I was left with 6 book cases of mostly newish grade (about 25% shrink wrapped) gaming stuff and about 10 boxes of dragon magazines (which I gave away).

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