Innovative 3D Printable Terrain for Dark Fantasy Wargaming and Tabletop Roleplaying !


Live On Kickstarter, featuring several FREE
promotional models scattered about!
2 FEET TALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savage Realm's Citadel

Thank you for an AMAZING Campaign!
Late Pledging will end soon!
Product complete, featuring 650+
Parts! Tons of diagrams and videos!
Late Pledge Pricing ending soon!

Elf Outpost

Elf Outpost and several Elf Buildings! Support free printing and snap assembly. Products now available on our webpage! Open_Peg stacking system introduced! Build Giant Slumscrapers!!

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Our system uses a serrated or plain plug to pin together three plates that can allow for infinite stacking potential. Even better, this system can be applied to "kit mash" models from different designers.

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Just Launch! Support Open_Peg Development on PATREON.COM!

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