3D Wagons, cargo, and Oxen


3D Printable Wagons, Cargo, and Oxen

* Oxen Only, Horses included on images only to show generic hitches.

  • Large set of wagons
  • 2 merchant wagons
  • 2 and 4 wheel carts
  • Worlds over Run Barrel Wagons
  • Ballista Wagon
  • Arrow Wagon
  • Tons of flatbed wagon and wagon train options
  • Large set of cargo for wagons
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3D Wagons, cargo, and Oxen

This is a large set of 3d printable wagons from the roads to adventure kickstarter. It includes a wide variety of flatbed wagons and carts, including merchant and military options. Also included are oxen, 2 drivers, and cargo. Resin support versions of Oxen and Drivers included. Everything else set up for zero support FDM printing.







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