3d Printable Merchant Stands, Cooper, Smith, Wheel Wright, Mill, Plow, and Baths June Patreon 2021


Merchant Stands, Cooper, Smith, Wheel Wright, Mill, Plow, and Baths June Patreon 2021


2 Merchant Stands

  • 3 roof variations each
  • Includes Resin and FDM style Roof
  • 6 Slide in walls
  • Butcher, Tavern, Hardware, and Grocery Settings
  • 6 changeable table tops
  • 1 abandoned stand
  • Early prototype also included

4 Baths

  • One with food counter
  • cloth lined

Heavy Plow

  • Will come with ox

Cooper/Barrel Making

  • Windlass for Barrel Bending
  • Partial Barrel with charring pot
  • Aging barrel wood
  • Hollow Barrel
  • Pairs up well with the Wheel Wright Set

Wheel Wright Shop

  • Small Forge (for making iron rings)
  • Forgers tool table
  • Large Bellows
  • Anvil
  • Carpentry Tool Table
  • Wheel Parts Table
  • Spoke Setting Station
  • Small cart waiting for wheels

6 Plants

  • In wood carved pots
  • Based on Exotic Plants

Primitive Miller/ Watch Tower

  • Includes aqueduct
  • Set up for FDM printing Only
  • Detailed Grind Stone set up
  • Functional Door

Battery Shed

  • Shed for side of building
  • Set up for FDM printing Only
  • Can hold 9V Battery and switch for people running lights
  • Has notches at ground for running wires out



3D Printable Merchant Stands, Cooper, Smith, Wheel Wright, Mill, Plow, and Baths June Patreon 2021

This is a back catalogue product featuring our 3d printable merchant stands with slide in walls as a featured product. This Product also includes several other items including a fully detailed primitive water mill, an ox and plow, a barrel maker with an awesome 3d printable windlass for barrel bending. Also included is a wheel wright work sit with a small smithy that could be applied to many of our other worksite releases. There is a small shed designed for hiding a 9v battery forthose exploring lighting in their buildings. The 3d printable merchant stands come in 2 sizes. each size has 3 slide in walls and 3 table variations.

Customer Support

We are fanatical part testers and are alway improving quality control to eliminate any end user issues. However, If you still find issues just reach out using the email above. You can also join my Open_Peg development group on Facebook to voice any issues, or if you just want to see the CS in action before buying.


Pieces are designed to print on 8×8 beds. Models are tested on and GUARANTEED for Sli3r (including Prusa Control), Cura, and makerware/desktop.


Our buildings are NEVER just ONE building. Any 3D Model Building, fort, or castle showcased on our site is merely an example. ALL of our buildings are designed to make many variations. In some cases, the options number in the dozens. We have developed our own vertical stacking system ( Open [] peg ) that we use in tandem with OpenLOCKConnectors to maximize the possibilities.


Our STL Models are all HIGHLY detailed and will continue to be relevant as 3D printing innovates and improves.

Professional Design

99% percent of our files are designed to print without supports (GUARANTEED). Supports are usually built in when they are necessary. All of our models use snap, peg, or clip connectors and will assemble without glue. All models are error free. (GUARANTEED)


Our models are designed on the large side of true 28mm miniatures and will work perfectly well for 32mm miniatures as well. I consider this size to be as close to a generic “standard” as anyone can get. Our models will work with 25mm Miniatures though it starts to feel a bit bulky


ur models focus on dark fantasy settings. The generous wall and walkway designs are ideal for wargames like Warhammer and skirmish games like Chainmail. Many of our fort designs could even see use for gladiator games or Blood Bowl. Our models are also great for all manner of tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Frostgrave.


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