3D Printable Stone Road and Battlemat


    3D Printable Stone Road and Battlemat includes….

  • 8 Parts
  • Works with our dirt roads and trails
  • OpenLOCK connectors
  • Grid and non-grid version of road for battlemat
  • Includes on-ramps and 22.5/45/90 degree turn options
  • All parts can be mirrored or flipped to enhance options
  • Will print without supports
  • Need 6×2 inch on your bed


3D Printable Stone Road and Battlemat

Our 3D Stone Roads and Battlemats are a standalone product from the Citadel Kickstarter. These roads can be mirrored and flipped. Roads attach togeather with one standard OpenLOCK Clip. You can easily identify the parts needed by included part images next to the STL files.  Battlemat parts include with and without grid options for clipping togeather an infinite grid of 2×6 inch road sections.


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