October 2022: Haunt Wood Mine Part 2


October 2022 Patreon: Haunt Wood Mine Part 2

      • Freeform Palisades (3 Designs each with 3 variations)
      • Ramp for 2 foot Plateau
      • Working Large Tollgate (compatible with our many roads)
      • Guard Tower (Large timber Guard Tower)
      • Mountian and 3 low Rock Ranges
      • Primitive Windmill (2 Blade styles)
      • 7 Solid Body Mountains for Scaling
      • 6 Solid Body Buildings for Scaling


September 2022 Patreon Witch of Haunt Woods Mine Part 2


Welcome to October 2022 on Tribes! This month we put out a ton of stuff, including Part 2 of Haunt Wood Mines. This month includes:
  • The Palisades

    These walls are wide based in the middle but come to pointy ends as you can see in the top-down view above. The idea here is to allow you to mix walls, buildings , and mountains to make your settlement fortifications or ruins. The palisade have 3 designs with 3 style variations each. This includes a scaffolding option.

    The Toll Gate

    We have full working doors with enough space for most wagons. It is designed to go with our roads. If you don’t have them the ramp parts from the scriptorium will work as ends. Ladders will allow you to latch mini bases in there if ladder movement is part of your game. Free form palisades can go on the sides.Resin options available for doors and smaller bits.

    The Guard Tower

    This is a proper and beefy 3 story timber guard tower. It features a base with and without the palisade starter.


    A Simple windmill elevated on a rock foundation, It has an open door with one playable level. Blades come in resin and FDM versions. The Body is set up for FDM support free printing. 8X8 build area recommended.

    Long rock formations and mountain

    we have some more filament guzzlers here. This features some really long winding and shorter rock formations that can be used as a settlement boundary or rough terrain obstacles. This month we’re going to be getting into some of the payoff from the last few months. What I’m after are settlements where the fortifications are really a mix of manmade and natural features. The shorter mountains are about the height of an average palisade. As far as bridges go it looks like my scaffolding set works just fine for it so I will not be adding extra. The scaffolding set features narrow walkways as well as winder planks and feature 2/4/6 inch risers. The mountain includes a large cave area as well. Diagrams show alternate parts that can be used for making shorter lengths.

    Plateau Road Ramp: a 2 part ramp for our 30inch plateau released in September 2022

    6 Solid Body Buildings

    Solid Body Variations for scaling. FOR ADVANCED PRINTERS ONLY! No guarantees or guidance provided. These buildings are provided for individuals interested in scaling for 6mm-18mm gaming.

    7 Solid Body Mountains

    Solid Body Variations for scaling. FOR ADVANCED PRINTERS ONLY! No guarantees or guidance provided. These buildings are provided for individuals interested in scaling for 6mm-18mm gaming.

All of this is set up for Support free FDM Printing on 8×8 inch beds. Some smaller parts have optional resin set ups.



Pieces are designed to print on 8×8 beds. Models are tested on and GUARANTEED for Sli3r (including Prusa Control), Cura, and makerware/desktop.


Our buildings are NEVER just ONE building. Any 3D Model Building, fort, or castle showcased on our site is merely an example. ALL of our buildings are designed to make many variations. In some cases, the options number in the dozens. We have developed our own vertical stacking system ( Open [] peg ) that we use in tandem with OpenLOCKConnectors to maximize the possibilities.


Our STL Models are all HIGHLY detailed and will continue to be relevant as 3D printing innovates and improves.

Professional Design

99% percent of our files are designed to print without supports (GUARANTEED). Supports are usually built in when they are necessary. All of our models use snap, peg, or clip connectors and will assemble without glue. All models are error free. (GUARANTEED)


Our models are designed on the large side of true 28mm miniatures and will work perfectly well for 32mm miniatures as well. I consider this size to be as close to a generic “standard” as anyone can get. Our models will work with 25mm Miniatures though it starts to feel a bit bulky


ur models focus on dark fantasy settings. The generous wall and walkway designs are ideal for wargames like Warhammer and skirmish games like Chainmail. Many of our fort designs could even see use for gladiator games or Blood Bowl. Our models are also great for all manner of tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Frostgrave.


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