January 2023: Orc Hovels and Furniture


January 2023 Patreon

  • 12 Part Evil Alchemy set for goblinoid shamans/wicas.
  • 20 Pieces of ruined stone dwarvish furniture for dungeons
  • 10 Fine Art frames, get some paintings up on your 28mm walls
  • 2 Large Wasteland Orc Hovels
  • 9 Large Badland Balanced Stone Formations


January 2023: Orc Hovels and Furniture

Welcome to the GameScape3D January 2023 Tribes/Patreon release. This month we are offering a wide variety of objects that are just about an even split between FDM and Resin printing. For FDM we have two large wasteland orc hovels and a set of badland balanced stones. For our resin printers we have a dwarf ruin and wicca/shaman furniture sets. Featuring over 30 pieces between the 2 sets. Finally, we have a variety of fine art frames for your 28mm walls. These are also designed for resin printing. All FDM prints are set up for 8×8 build plates and support free printing. All resin prints include additional Chitubox files with pre-supported models.

Wicca Furniture Set: A high detail chair, bed, 3 table, and totem. Also includes bare versions of some pieces for a 12-piece set. I hope is generic enough to work for goblin/orc wicca/shaman as well as some witches and hags. Set up for Resin printing, Chitubox files included.

Ruined Dwarf Furniture: A 20 Piece set of vandalized Dwarven stone furniture. Mostly basic stuff like chairs, tables, a bed, shelves, and a fireplace. It is all scaled to the dwarf waist line. The natural stone looking tables shown in the image are just that and are scaled regular height. Also included is an unrelated generic war room table for any setting. set up for resin printing, chitubox files included.

2 Large Wasteland Orc Hovels: Some multi-family orc units here. Set up for support free fdm printing on 8×8 build plates. These newest ones start to feel like a weird wasteland hobbit homes. Assembly will require glue.

Balanced Badland Rocks These will print in 2 parts, a couple will be 3. Stones in the badlands are left in all types of strange configurations that look almost staged. Intended for support free FDM printing on 8×8 beds.

28MM Art Frames: 10 Frames for making 28mm paintings. Most of these are scaled to depict large wall paintings but there is a few portrait size 28mm frames as well. The intention is that you scale down and print out tiny pictures and then cut it down and glue it to the back of the frame. Intended for resin printing, Chitubox support files included.



Pieces are designed to print on 8×8 beds. Models are tested on and GUARANTEED for Sli3r (including Prusa Control), Cura, and makerware/desktop.


Our buildings are NEVER just ONE building. Any 3D Model Building, fort, or castle showcased on our site is merely an example. ALL of our buildings are designed to make many variations. In some cases, the options number in the dozens. We have developed our own vertical stacking system ( Open [] peg ) that we use in tandem with OpenLOCKConnectors to maximize the possibilities.


Our STL Models are all HIGHLY detailed and will continue to be relevant as 3D printing innovates and improves.

Professional Design

99% percent of our files are designed to print without supports (GUARANTEED). Supports are usually built in when they are necessary. All of our models use snap, peg, or clip connectors and will assemble without glue. All models are error free. (GUARANTEED)


Our models are designed on the large side of true 28mm miniatures and will work perfectly well for 32mm miniatures as well. I consider this size to be as close to a generic “standard” as anyone can get. Our models will work with 25mm Miniatures though it starts to feel a bit bulky


ur models focus on dark fantasy settings. The generous wall and walkway designs are ideal for wargames like Warhammer and skirmish games like Chainmail. Many of our fort designs could even see use for gladiator games or Blood Bowl. Our models are also great for all manner of tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Frostgrave.


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