OpenPeg Infinite Stacking Starter Kit


OpenPeg Infinite Stacking Starter Kit

  • Our New Build System for Vertical Building
  • Adapter Plugs for stacking on OpenLOCK
  • Amazing Number of Build Variations Possible
  • 28/32mm
  • Snap together Assembly
  • Support Free Printing
  • 200+ Parts


Click Below to see sample instructions for this kit, more added regularly

Diagrams for Elf Outpost & OpenPeg Construction

  • 4 basic building shapes
  • No Glue snap together windows and doors. The doors will be functional and there will be a window option for Plexiglas inserts. More window options to open with stretch goals! Bool tools will be included so you can cut in your own windows or doors.
  • 4 basic roof designs and many smaller or specific use roof designs.
  •  A complete Blacksmith Design.
  • Snap Assembly. NO GLUE NEEDED!
  • NO Auto-Supports needed. Zero support printing, except for a few we put in on a couple of parts.
  • Requires a 6×5 build plate to print all basic files. Some stretch goals may require a slightly larger surface area.
  • Open_[]_Peg  Build System Introduced. Limitless free form vertical stacking, which can be applied to other designers’ work too! System offers an alternate OpenLOCK stacking system and includes adapters to Kitmash OpenLOCK designs with our buildings.
  • Precision Design: All parts test printed and tweaked no less than three times for both dead-balls-on accuracy and easy assembly.
  • High resolution parts: All resolution and detail is jacked to the nines so your digital files will be timeless as 3D Printing improves.

Graphic from Kickstarter Campaign!


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