Savage Realms Citadel Late Pledge


Product nearing completion and contains more than 650+ Parts!!

ALL Savage Realms Citadel Content and ALL stretch goals. Read “Risks and Rewards” Section for details on delivery time.For Details go below or to our Kickstarter Campaign


Savage Realms Citadel Late Pledge

Welcome to GameScape3D’s most original 3D printable terrain project yet, involving more than a year of relentless designing, 3D printing, and testing. We are proud to present the third installment of our “Savage Realms” digital terrain series… CITADEL
We are featuring an infinite 3d printed castle design and massive multi-tiered fortress walls for your tabletop gaming room. Below you will find a host of links leading to diagrams, videos, and photo albums of specific features. 
 With over 40 stretch goal incentives this Kickstarter is set to explode from 230 STL files to over 500 modeled pieces. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of what will surely be one of the most ambitious and original fantasy 3D printed terrain Kickstarters of 2019. 
Notice:This is a digital product of STL. fIles for 3d printing. 
  • Stackable Walls up to 2 – 7 inches high. 
  • OpenLOCK Connectors can easily attach walls to a tower built from the official OpenLOCK templates for up to 3 stories.
  • Timber Platforms come in 3 sizes allowing between 1 ½ – 3 ½ inches of space for placing catapults or even giant figures up on your walls and into the battle!
  • Corner Towers can be built to easily soar up to 15 inches and beyond.
  • Optional Exterior Buttresses will allow you to mount gargoyles or other totems upon your walls to personalize or frighten the enemy! Blanks and bools will be loaded to Thingiverse so you can make your own wall statues using your favorite opensource models.
  • Gatehouse is fully functional with two sets of working double doors and a drawbridge. The gate can be broken down to work with a shorter wall and features multiple gatehouse design options, including a functioning oil pour cauldron over the gate! *
  • Ruins! A wide range of wall ruins and rubble piles will allow you to show various stages of wall damage during your battle! Better yet, have your heroes discover a ruined keep and rebuild it as part of your adventure! *
* Available through early Stretch Goal awards
  • Cavernous Rooms with buttresses and massive, vaulted OpenLOCK walls are possible with our original Through-Clip Pillar & Spacer design.
  • Mix It Up Make half a building with traditional room levels or partial room levels alternating with larger vaulted wall rooms.
  • Open_[]_Peg Stacking System allows you to add attachments such as stairs or even build an entire town on top of your massive, flat-roof keep!
  • Battlements Both overhang and flush battlements are available, many buttress features are optional. All castle doors open and the castle includes several stair systems.  
  • Mega Towers The Keep can also be used to make huge towers for the walls.
  • OpenLOCK-Compatible This system will integrate with traditional OpenLOCK build systems.
  • Stretch Goals will unlock more Castle expansion features.


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