Hello Backers, Vote once on each poll. Thanks for your support and good luck with your candidate!

Tier One is what I consider fair stretchgoals for a $500 unlock. If someone has an awesome write-in I’ll plug it into the poll. Tier Two is big stuff, if you all go totally crazy and get this thing to 10K I’ll drop in the idea of your choice. If we need more, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

We Are Starting a new Tier One Poll, everyone gets 2 votes this time. Do NOT re-vote on phase 2. I did this involve some community ideas. I’m allowing 2 votes on this round. Timing may get weird at the end and there may not be time for another re-boot. I have included community ideas in this poll! Thanks for speaking up!

$7500 Tier One #1

8000 Tier One #1 Phase Two Polling

8500 Tier One #1 Phase Three Polling

9000 Tier One #2 Phase Three Polling

10000 Tier Two #1