Elf Outpost Late Pledge Commercial License

$135.00 $94.00

Become an authorized GameScape3D Dealer. Buy and Sell 3d prints or castings. Includes all content in THIS kickstarter. Does NOT include digital distribution rights.

  • Elf Barracks and Guest House
  • Open Peg Stacking System
  • Elf Outpost
  • Stretch Goals



Delivery in 3-4 weeks

Stretch goals 5-7 weeks

Welcome to GameScape3D‘s new and Exciting Kickstarter offering. We are featuring an OpenLOCK Elf Outpost, OpenLOCK Triplex Tile Sets and Floors, as well as several buildings that feature our NEW OpenPeg, modular INFINITE STACKING SYSTEM! This stacking system will allow you to easily Kit Mash our building models with OpenLOCK tile sets! Over 200 Parts!

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