OPEN [] PEG for other Systems.

This is the intial release of the foundation design of our Open Peg stacking system for 3d printable terrain. This system is founded on“Keep it Simple, Stupid”. It is intended for stacking situations where dungeon clip systems would be unpleasant, visually or otherwise.

The principle component

The principle component of the open peg stacking system involves a Boolean operation. The Boolean operation creats  2 small female End squares on the bottom of the floor so that a plate can be pinned to the bottom with a peg insert. The peg slots should be placed in the center of a model. Typically, they should be inserted into whatever part constitutes the “Floor.”

NOTE:GameSpace3D models usually also have a floor component that is not involved when applying this system to tradition dungeon clip wall systems like Dragon Bite or OpenLOCK.

In order for the pegs to “bite,” the Boolean operation should be made as deep as possible. Generally, this requires at least 3MM. The Open Peg slots are small enough that your printer can bridge the gap without affecting the topside details. This applies to Z axis orientated model printing as well.



The plug should be roughly the size of the floor area with whatever tolerance adjustment is needed to clear the inside of the walls. There are only two requirements and one advisement.

  • Open Peg holes must align to the holes created in the principle model.
  • I advise the plug be made 5mm, though thinner dimensions are possible.
  • Make sure you create some kind of grid form in the design for structural strength.



Attached you will find the basic open peg geometry that I use and the pegs as well, both 2d and 3d. I have also included a set of OpenLOCK blanks with the plugs I designed for them so you can get an idea of how this applies to a non GameScape3D system.


Advanced operations

Levels can be stacked to a various offsets without much difficulty. However this generally requires offsetting the open peg Boolean on the plug. If the stacking levels are not the same size/shape than you will need to make a custom shape plug as well. More OpenPeg slots and designs may be needed to fill various gaps created by the offset. Generally speaking you are on your own at this point.

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