3D Printable Castle Walls for Wargaming Terrain (Video Documentation)

Walls for Wargaming Terrain

This is the final video documentation and one-sheet for the wall portion of our next wargaming terrain project. Here is a 3 part video series on our castle walls. I will get this repost to IGTV as well. We are now 12 days out from launch. The walls are easy assembly compared to the castle, the most challenging aspect is simply the large size of the base wall pieces and walk ways. The main gate house is set up to be developed during the kickstarter, this will give me something to preview besides the main preview images. 4 weeks is a long time to keep peoples attention, Hopefully I will finally have a perfect winning formula.

3D Printable Castle Wall Features

I will briefly list the full features for these walls. I will be posting a One-Sheet at the bottom of the page along with video/diagram links to the rest of the products in this set.

  • GIANT exterior walls with OpenLOCK Connectors. The walls are stackable and can reach for “2 to “7 inches in height. The OpenLOCK walls will easily attach to tower built from the official OpenLOCK templates for up to 3 stories.
  • These walls also feature 3 sizes of timber platforms allowing 1.5 to 3.25 inches of space for getting catapults or even giant figures up on your walls and into the battle.
  • Corner Towers can be built to easily soar up to 15 inches and beyond.
  • Optional buttresses on the exterior side of your build walls will allow you to mount gargoyles or other totems to your walls to frighten the enemy! Blanks and bools will be loaded to thingiverse so you can make your own wall stautes using your favorite opensource models.
  • Full functioning gate house with 2 sets of working double doors and a drawbridge. The gate can be broken down to work with a shorter wall and features multiple gate house options for its top, including a functioning oil pour cauldron over the gate!*
  • A wide range of wall ruins and rubble piles will allow you to show various stages of wall damage during your battle! Better yet, have your heroes discover a ruined keep and rebuild it as part of your adventure!*
* Available through early stretchgoal awards

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3D Printable Castle Walls basic parts one-sheet

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