3D Printable Tower Early Preview

3D Printable Tower

This is a short intro for our 3d printable tower that will be used as our first mini-kickstarter. The price for this product will be low and the length of the campaign will be shortened as well.

This is the first of three small kickstarters. It is also the

3d printable tower
primer coat

smallest and will print entirely on an 8×8 bed. This 3d printed tower measures around 10.5×13.75×25 inches. It is possible to stack off the top using parts from our other 3d printable kits to make this tower even taller.


The theme of these small kickstarters is a trade guild concept. This tower is intended to act as a bank but it could easily act as a wizard tower, adventure guild, or anything else requiring a security tower. The tower is connected by ladder only. I designed it this way to make removal of contents difficult for RPG situations. I’ve always had a soft spot for the concept of the bank in the RPG world as the subject of valuables storage gets kind of glossed over or regulated to a bag of holding that never gets stolen.

3d printed tower
3rd floor
3d printed tower
6th floor
3d printed tower
complete top view

The next building will include a very large warehouse system attached to a merchant guild house, and an inn/tavern/fight pit combo. The intention is to portray a trade guild in company store way. At-any-rate the buildings will all be usable in unintended ways. While these kits will not be as diverse as my usual stuff I will allow for several build variations in the design. Enjoy the informal video and images below, thanks for stopping in.

3d printed tower
full side view
3d printed tower
1st floor basement
3d printed tower
2nd floor

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