Huge Tower Design for 3D Printing. Only days left.

3D Printing Kickstarter for Gigantic Tower Ending Soon.

So it has been an awesome nine days but I am looking forward to the end so we can get to work on stretchgoals and many other exciting projects. First of all, you have 5 days to pledge on a tower design that I can promise will be priced in the $30+ range when it gets to my webstore. Considering I’m not much into sales, this may be one to snag even if you end up waiting for a rainy day. Enough with the sales pitch! On to news.

Interview on Makerfun3d

Kevin Rank has posted another interview for me over at It has some more specific questions towards the bottom that I gave some meaty answers to that may be worth a look.

New Video on Tower Assembly

I went ahead and threw together a double speed assembly/disassembly film for promo on these last days of the Kickstarter. I realize as I write this that I could have just reversed the filming of the disassembly…oh well.

Free Stuff

In the event you have been willfully ignoring my advertising, there is a bunch of free stuff on our Kickstarter. There is an awesome siege tower that I shouldn’t be giving a away but I am. For five more days anyways. My advice is to wait and then buy it for $8 out of the webstore here. There is also a little house for everyone and a larger one for backers.

siege tower for 3d printing
House for 3d printing
Tiimber Frame 3d printing

Other Things

Just a lot of thing to cover today, but now I really want to say thanks to eveyone who’s backed us during this hectic Patreon/Kickstarter double launch. I promise we’re going to keep finding new ways to kick ass. I’m going to try to get one more extra building out for people who have backed us as a thank you, right now it is looking like a tree house type thing. We are ready for the final push. If you’ve printed any of that free stuff you can show it off, everything helps! Be sure to checkout Update 5 on the Kickstarter for a big announcement.

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