Roads Kickstarter Update

Hey folks, our new kickstarter launch is being moved from the 14th to the 21st of April.

I am printing tons of PPE for the Covid19 crisis and hanging out with my family all day, every day. It is all swell but it obviously messes with the timeline. Everyone is dealing, so I don’t think anyone will notice a seven day wait, unless they are reading this.

The Worlds Over Run team is helping me out with with some add-ons. Unlike me, they definitely have an actual team now and will be shortly putting out a ton of awesome stuff . If you missed their last kickstarter than you missed this late addition. Cool stuff..

Sky Ship by Worlds Over Run

I have gotten 3 of the 4 roads speed painted and will post a few of those images here for anyone who has missed them. Be sure to follow the pre-launch page for notice. Also, the Patreon continues to grow and will have assets directly related to the Kickstarter for April and May. All the best and see you soon_Jeremy

3d printable dirt roads
Low Land Road
3d printable dirt roads
Low Land Road
3d printable dirt roads
High Land Road
3d printed roads
3d printed high land roads
Bad Land Road with hellscape paint job
Bad Land Top View

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