Grid Roads Available, Gamescape STL giveaway, New Patreon, Join Discord Channel

Jeremy GosserCreatorAugust 26, 2020

Grid Roads

I have finished grid roads, they are available through our website for $3. This product is for backers only and can only be accessed here.

 Grid Roads are not part of the official kickstarter and are an “aftermarket” option. Grid Roads were discussed through backer comments and on update #4 and #5. Please refer to these updates if you need more info. 

Grid markers have been applied to all 6 roads and 4 trails. Please be reminded that these grid marks have the following limitations.

  • Grids follow curves and will not have perfect 1 inch square hex areas in some places
  • Grid marks are not placed at the end of roads to avoid conflict with OpenLOCK Connectors
  • Alignment may be subtly off between road sections. However the above to factors should make this a mute point.

STL Giveaway on Lord Gosumba’s Podcast

We’ve partnered up and are doing some sponsorship on Lord Gosumb’s Greyhawk Podcast on twitch. We will be doing STL giveaways once a month on there. There is one giveaway for followers and a larger one for subscribers. They will be progressively integrating our models into their gameboard. I have a few shots of our lowland road here, really well done!

The stl give away this month will include our tree house from “The Tower” kickstarter and the barebones verson of our Wood Elf Fort. 

Gamescape3d on Discord

I keep forgetting to share our discord channel on here. It is a great place to feature work involving our models or to see such things. It also serves as a secondary customer service venue. 

More Swamp Goblins on Patreon

If you want to expand your swamp scenery we are doing more on our Patreon. This month features another large swamp goblin building along with lily pad boardwalks, a mushroom house, and some goblins. There is still time to get this month’s goblin house as well.

28mm resin prints scaled vs Reaper Bones. Available pre-supported or not, Based or not

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