Goblin Swamp Houses and Village coming to Patreon

Goblin Swamp Houses, terracotta, and scatter ruins on Patreon

You still have a week left to join our Patreon and grab July buildings which feature terracotta buildings and walls as well as smaller scatter ruins. Then in August we release our first goblin swamp house which will expand into a goblin swamp village over the next months. We will also round out our ruins and terracotta walls in august. 

Roads to Adventure stretchgoals

3d printable roads

Roads to Adventure is nearly done with development and we expect late pledge to end within the month. If you didn’t back the kickstarter you are running out of time to get this amazing huge set before it gets split into multiple products. You can also see the original campaign or purchase the set as a late pledge through gamescape3d.com

We’ve also finished up our drivers, woolly ox and wolly dire ox. We’ll be putting out the all-in-one download links in a few day. I’m a bit behind on the grids but we’ll get them done soon enough, It is mindless work, I just have to refresh and hammer them out.

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