Full Haunt Woods Scriptorium Released!



The full Haunt Woods Scriptorium is now released and available for down load, join us now

Buy Part one through links below and then Join us on Patreon or MMF Tribes for the second half available NOW!

The whole thing will be 12 bucks for regular membership , a tiny bit more for commercial printing.

Buy Part 1 For one month only, Part 1 release will be available at a reduced price (no coupon needed for August Only right here on Gamescape3d.com).

Optionally you can buy it at MyMiniFactory using summer sale code GS3DSS22


See a bunch of images

The Haunt Woods Scriptorium Asset List

A Large set of Library scatter including, 2 benches, Long Reading Table (2 versions), Scribe Desk (2 Versions), Floor Globe, Giant Book, Giant Bookcase, and Giant Book Display, Orrery, Cage Locked Bookcase, Book Carousel, Podium with open book (4 Versions), Set of loose Books ((open&Closed), Scrolls, and Tablets)

Walls &Gate. The walls are all free standing and are custom cut to fit between specific buildings. The walls are wide and tapered to provide good stability. The gate uses one of our simple road sections and will work well with our Simple, Low Land, and High Land road designs.

Dove Cote: People used to commonly raise these winged rats for food. This building is where they lived!

Huge Plateau: This is our largest plateau yet. It has 2 optional stair cases so the whole thing can break into 2 stand-alone parts. The cave has over 70mm of ceiling clearance. There are also parts so you can completely remove the small tower and just have a bare plateau arm and well area!

Barn: This is a small stone Barn with an open face hay loft. There is also an option for a 3rd floor if you want storage in the roof area! Doors are functional and the barn also has low cut walls for tabletop play.

Small Scriptorium 

Small Scriptorium from “Haunt Woods Scriptorium.” This model is set up for FDM printing. The door comes with chitubox files if you want to resin print that part. The building is cut with short walls to optimize tabletop play. Door requires modest auto-supports otherwise it prints support free.

 Meditation/Watch Tower This is a simple round tower loosely based on dark age Irish round towers. I read one theory that these towers may have been used for meditation/storage as they could be mild antennas for electromagnetic energy due to the rock composition. These theories seem to come from the realization that free standing structures like this are rubbish for serious defense except for maybe keeping out a single wandering thief. Anyways the walls are short cut like all our larger buildings, set up for support free FDM Printing. However, the outside door requires modest raft/autosupports but also comes with chitbox files if you want to resin print that part.

 Kitchen Stone building and stone slate roof. No door to allow ventilation. Goes great with the tables from our primitive furniture set. Available with and without the built in ovens. Free standing oven included. Basically you have options. Set up for support free FDM printing only. 

Solid Fill Varients These building are solid fill models for scaling. They have NO interior or interior playable space. Support files are NOT provided (but certainly needed) as the options for scale are many (6mm,12mm,15mm,18mm,25mm). I have left these buildings at 28mm scale for anyone who wants to vase print with supports. These models are not for 3d print novices. 

Book Shelf Kit with insertable shelves They work with both FDM and Resin prints. The parts are all interchangeable. Massive kit, expansions likely. Chitubox support files included. Support free FDM printing. except 3 lids that need auto supports. I also can’t promise how the scroll stacks will FDM print but that still leaves 30+ FDM inserts. 

Precarious Book Stacks These are set up for resin only prints. Chitubox support files included. 8 stacks total

COMING IN SEPTEMBER: Haunt Woods Abandoned Mine! The Hauntwoods Mine was abandoned 5 years ago when the skyrocketing price of post-plauge donkey feed bankrupted the owners! Scouts report a witch has built her homestead on the remote plateau and moved her minions into the abandoned tunnels below!

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