2×2 Foot Tower: Late Campaign Pledging


2×2 Foot Tower: Late Campaign Pledging

  • Late Pledge Ends Feb 2020
  • Potential to easily exceed 2x2x3 Foot Tower Design
  • Skydock Option
  • 17 Stretch Goals
  • The Tree House
  • The Timber Building
  • Download ALL Diagrams
  • The Siege Tower
  • The Tiny Shop
  • Well over 200 Parts
  • Product Now complete but will be adding some new promotional parts with next Kickstarter “Dirt Roads and Trails”



2×2 Foot Tower: Late Campaign Pledging

Welcome to the late pledge campaign for our massively successful and Giant Little Kickstarter! 2 Foot Tower: A Tall Tale for 3D Printing

The Tower was designed to function as a trade guild owned bank in your tabletop setting. However, it can easily function as a barracks, wizard tower, adventurers guild or even just a really big building.  Only $10 for this massive building and tabletop center piece design. To top it off (pun intended), our ambitious stretchgoals will double the playable area of  this soul crushing giant!

  •  3 New Bonus Designs: Look below or on updates. New Tree Fort!
  •  Kit includes over 200 parts
  •  Super Tall:Just over 24 inches with an overall footprint can  easily exceed 2 x 3 feet!
  •  7 usable tower levels
  •  Many Building variations
  •  Straight Forward Assembly: download our Diagram.
  •  Quality Control: Initial design complete and distributed to test printers.
  •  Snap Assembly: 99% glue optional assembly
  •  Common Build Plate Size All models will fit on a 8 x 8-inch build plate.*
  •  ZERO Supports We have eliminated the need to print supports on 99% of our parts.**
  •  High Resolution: Extreme detail will make this design timeless as 3D printing technology improves.
  •  Open_[]_Peg Stacking System: can be used to make the tower even taller.


3d Printable Scenery

Go HERE for Commercial Printing License Add-Ons. FULL License ONLY, Includes 2 Foot Tower Kickstarter

Tree House Preview For 2 Foot Tower Kickstarter 24 Hours Left

Photo Album For The Tower


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