OpenPeg & Elf Outpost

Late spring 2018 kickstarter featuring an elf outpost with buildings and the introduction of our Open_[]_Peg vertical stacking system. Includes expansion sets completed this last month. Originally they were sold as one kickstarter, I have split them up for people who need the option.

Original Kickstarter

Images1  Images2   Elf Diagrams/One_Sheets  Building Diagrams/One_Sheets  Video1   Video2     Expansion Blog

 Stronghold on the Borderlands (timber fort)

Pallisade Timber Fort

Our first kickstarter in 2017. Due to high demand, the project was redesigned this year for zero support printing, snap assembly, and forward compatibility.

Features include cabin designs, a timber fort, and an ancient stone fort. You can also mix them all together, and you should! A few other minor features will be finished before the end of this KS.

Original Kickstarter

Images     Diagrams/One_Sheets     Video1    Video2     Expansion Blog


wargaming terrain

Our super successful kickstarter from early 2019. To big for life with tons of infinite build features. Over 600+ parts with 20 open stretchgoals and more development coming! You really have to just see it for yourself though the provided links.

Original Kickstarter

Video | Diagrams | Imgur Album   Video |  Imgur Album